Pasic 2013

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captains log 2013-11-14 Indianapolis. We have entered through a dimension portal via the CAN/US border and stepped back in time to the beginning of the creation of a 50 year drumming legacy. We have been invited to the Vic Firth 50th anniversary party at the Indianapolis convention center. Along with our great new friend and endorser of the PoleCat System, Karl Sloman, we have been engaged in great conversations with the likes of Joe Bergamini, Dom Famularo, Peter Erskine and many more. When speaking with these world class drummers I realized that It wasn’t intimidation I was feeling but a sense of connection with the drumming community as a whole. Every drummer we spoke with was very genuine and friendly in their opinions and response to our product. I implore any drummer that wants to be part of something amazing to expand your travel of the cosmos to the next PASIC drummer convention in Indianapolis 2014. Here’s a link to PASIC web site and to our new friends Karl Sloman and Dom Famularo Live long and prosper my fellow drummers.




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