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I’ve always wanted….

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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There has always been a time when each drummer has said these words “I’ve always wanted…” My want would have been to build a true replica drum kit of Neil Pearts 1980 candy apple red kit. That kit to me was the elite kit and the most talked about drum kit during that time of rock drummers. The color was so exciting to look at and the ultimate set up to dream of.

I remember days during  my marching band practices, I would collect every drum available and line them up almost around the room. I would ask two or three kids to hold bongos and cowbells etc., then we would crank Tom Sawyer through the cheap radio we had and I would smash the crap out of everyone of those drums I could. The kids would scream the lyrics while I played the ridiculous contraption we created in the percussion room. Oh what fun we had!

Well thirty years later and still no replica kit. Maybe when I go through my life change, I’ll get it built instead of the typical useless 19 something convertible car thing.

I did however have a 1980’s cherry wine oak finish monster kit that I loved so dearly…hoe hum…(wiping tears) I sold that kit to a music store long ago. I tried to track i t down one time but it was never to be found again. What a thunderous sound from those deep toms and huge 24″ cannon bass drums. Man, I remember doing my first solo live to this day and rattling the glasses behind the bar with the double tom and foot rolls at the end.

Well that’s it this week. Share your stories of you want.